Colors and scents

April 10, 2014

The first time we flew after the summer.the first time the five of us. we just landed in Israel and it couldn't be sunnier or more lovely than this. The air is scented with rosemary and lemon. It's funny how since i live closer to nature I am much more in tune with the smells, the colours, the patterns and the all the beauty nature offers. It's all so inspiring and energizing. I was in my in laws garden yesterday and I found myself marvelling at all the amazing plants. Like i had never seen them before…They bring wonderful distinctive mediterranean smells that you can find only around here. The landscape and the endless olive trees reminds me of my own home sometimes and the lemon trees are loaded with beautiful golden jewels. As much as I enjoyed our rainy days back home in HK, it's no secret that the sun is what keeps me going, what gives me energy and keeps me grounded. I will enjoy every minute of it. Lately I find myself thinking more and more about the huge shift my life made after our move. It's like every day I am finding one more reason why moving made me so happy. It's like having found something that was long lost, something that still surprises me and delights me every day all at the same time.

I feel the urge of starting taking photos again, my hands are always busy and for this I am grateful to my Iphone. But i want to start using a camera again, in a new perhaps more humble way. Starting just for the joy of it. The joy of composing, shooting and sharing. I am looking forward to it.


April 2, 2014


Some life bites in Instagrams from the past two months. To be honest,sometimes I find a bit ridiculous the obsession we all seem to have with sharing and over sharing bits of our lives online. Like if this is what makes our lives accountable.Of course, I am guilty of that too, although periodically I find myself completely uninterested and even overwhelmed by it all. But there is something deeper than that and lately I sort of realized it after I started asking myself more and more often what is that pushes me to continue to have an “online” identity in spite of my obvious lack of time needed to “mantain” it. I think I found my answer for this question. I simply want to remember. Because otherwise I would not. And many things would get lost in the whirlwind of chaotic and often very hectic days. I want to remember all of those little moments that made me pause and wait a second to snap a little picture,or that made me stop and write a blog post, those moments I chose to share with others regardless of how many of them would actually see them. They will not care, they will not remember, but I will.Through the act of taking that picture and posting it, I will remember. When life is passing by at this speed the most precious thing it leaves behind are those tiny fragments of its presence. And i want to keep them, at least part of them. You can choose to look at your life from many angles, the power to make it beautiful, or meaningful it’s totally in your hands. If a camera is the tool to help you doing that and a blog (or social media) a platform to acknowledge that, then by any means, use it.

Hong Kong affordable art fair

March 31, 2014

Two week ends ago, there was the affordable art fair in Hong Kong and of course we HAD to go check it out. I love how, as a couple, we grew to love art together over the years so much that we try not to miss at least the most important art fair/events that are in town. I found the exhibition to be throughout enjoyable with quite a few interesting pieces made it even more interesting by the generally reasonable prices. A good opportunity to discover more artists and find some inspiration. Here is what caught my eyes:

These moody portraits by Christopher Thompson (I would very gladly brought some of these guys home but, unfortunately not in my price range)




These beautiful beautiful interior paintings by Matteo Massagrande (even more not in my price range, but a further confirmation of how much I love to peek in interiors of any kind).

In this new series of paintings Massagrande explores intimate interiors in varying states of deterioration. These derelict urban spaces once so full of life are hauntingly depicted through the use of light, subtlety of palette and cinematic use of perspective. His hard and almost cynical vision, which spotlights the hidden side of the urban environment, bridges the realism which characterized the literary and artistic creation of late XIX century Italy with gritty contemporary photo-realism.

massagrande_interno2_30x30_2013 matteomassagrande_interno_50x50_2014 matteomassagrande_internoii_30x30_2014

The photography of Ho Fan, represented by AO Vertical Space



Fell in love with these sculptures by Carol Peace



And paintings by Justin Weeks, both represented by Fairfax Gallery

Anna Full of Grace 120 x 100 cm

Our lady of the Flowers 120 x 120cm

The work of Sidney based artist Ashley Frost



And then probably what impressed me the most. Skylines by Spanish artist Joan Peris ( BS 035 in particular) whose work you can check here
All photos © related artists and galleries

Green days

March 28, 2014



And so, just like that, almost two months have passed. Honestly I am done with the apologies first because I don’t think there is even one reader at this point who survived my absence, so I would basically apologize to my self, secondly because well, my imaginary readers, you all know what I have been up to, I suppose. Life with three kids is busy, life with a baby , a toddler and a preschooler is just insane. But in a good way, in a good way. Most of the times. Since we moved to Hong Kong, we’ve been having so much fun, so much so that I actually didn’t have the time to even write about it. I haven’t told you yet about our cute house in the Hong Kong jungle, how we see cows passing by our doorstep on some mornings (usually Saturdays, they’re also kind of busy on week days), how we wake up hearing bird chirping and how at night the sound of the crickets is the last thing we hear before going to sleep. If I compare our life now to what it used to be, well, i realize there is just no comparison to be made. I am sorry if I am terribly partial but that’s it. I don’t miss the big ugly city. Not even one bit. And saying it out loud is so liberating! In my head I have been writing post after post about this and that, our walks in the woods,the cherry blossom tree up the main road in the village we live, how Noah is growing up into a chubby six months old, about how much we love our new kindergarten, about all the cool things you can do and explore in Hong Kong, but alas, I guess I was just focused on experiencing all this that I sort of forgot to make room for this blog. Truth is I haven’t been entirely sure about being up to the task of continue to write it. But then I think, now that the best has come, now that life feels so vibrant and full, now is the time to write about it.Now is the time to make some memories and try to slow down the crazy pace time has taken. Above all i would like to tell you about all this green that I am wrapping myself in, the green bursting at my windows, that sort of green I have missed so much in the grey concrete jungle that has been my home for almost seven years. I would love to be able to picture it for you. But my hands have been tired, my mind busy and although it gives me peace and quite just to look at all this nature around me, sometimes all I want to do is to sit and enjoy.
Rainy season is coming and with it the summer. It’s gonna be hot and beautiful.

Richard Tuschman-Hopper meditations

February 11, 2014

woman_at_window Eleven AM Edward Hopper image01_from_the_series_hopper_meditations_hotel_by_railway_20_x_30_in hopper.nighthawks richardtuschen newyork-movie richardtuschman2 sunlights-in-cafeteria richardtuschman automat-1927
Mesmerized by photographer Richard Tuschman‘s work and in particular his series inspired by the work of American realist artist Edward Hopper. Although not exactly a reproduction of Hopper’s paintings “Hopper meditations” is a stunning collection of photographs staged by using diorama doll houses to recreate open ended narratives similar to the one found in Hopper’s realistic paintings. The light, the ambiance, the pensive subjects all aim to recreate the same feeling of alienation and solitude that seem to be such a big part of Hopper’s work as well as being a powerful reflection on the complexity of human nature and its challenges. By researching for this post I discovered Edward Hopper’s work and I have to say I am smitten. So far I thought I was much more keen on abstract paintings but wow I felt like an instant connection to his art and the stories each of these paintings are telling.
in the picture above: photos from Richard Tuschman “Hopper meditation” series. Paintings by Edward Hopper. From above: “Eleven AM”, “Nighthawks”, “New York movie”, “Sunlights in Cafeteria”, “Automat”.

Instagrams: January

February 10, 2014


A selection of favorite Instagrams from January. It’s been 4 months since Noah’s birth, three months since we moved to Hong Kong and six months we came back after summer. It looks like this year is going to fly off as fast as the past. I must find some way to stop the time, for a while at least.

Tel Aviv: some Bauhaus buildings

February 6, 2014

untitled-4697 untitled-4664 untitled-4670 untitled-4701 untitled-4702 untitled-4675 untitled-4676 untitled-4677
The day after we looked for Bauhaus buildings to photograph and places to eat. One address stuck with me: Yehuda Halevi Bakery, 81 Rothchild.

Tel Aviv: the Montefiore hotel

February 4, 2014

untitled-4656 untitled-4645 untitled-4659 untitled-4658 untitled-4695
untitled-4699 untitled-4705
Tel Aviv is a city of wonders. It’s this amazing place where whenever you turn your eyes you don’t know whats going to happen, what beautiful little corner of the street you are going to discover, what kind of interesting people you are going to cross your path with. Everywhere you can feel the vibe and the energy that permeates the city coming out of the walls and windows and peoples sitting at the countless coffee shops along sunny boulevards or quaint alleys. Whenever I walk her streets, I am in admiration of a city that is so splendidly alive, in spite of everything.
That night (almost two years ago!) we took a walk from Montefiore hotel( truly a gem of a place)through Neve Tzedek down to the Marina where we were heading for dinner. The air was balmy, the breeze scented and warm. And I felt like thousand of secrets were whispered from the alleys.

The year of the horse

February 2, 2014


The year of the horse just started.May this be a year full of blessings, laughter, adventures and wildness. Cause we all need a little wildness every once in a while. Gongxi facai my friends.

p.s. two years ago I had a tumblr blog called the year of the dragon, with the purpose to document my year. I skipped the year of the snake with a bit of regret but I’d like to start again this year, my personal version of project 365. If you’d like to see my year hop over,or otherwise there is always Instagram.

One fine stay

January 27, 2014

Now here’s something worth talking about.If you are anything like me, somebody pathologically interested in peeking into other people’s homes, than you will find comforting to know that we are not alone, but that somebody even conceived a start up out of this dirty habit. If when traveling you prefer stay out of the bitten track but opt for a full immersion in local people’s customs and habits then this place is definitely for you. “One fine stay” is, in their founders words ,the world’s first “unhotel”, that ” gives you the chance to stay in someone’s place while they’re out of town. You get to live their life for a few days and nights.” I know, a bit creepy but enticing nevertheless. And of course we are not talking about a shed in somebody’s garden, obviously these are magazine looking homes that make you dream of spending a week or to in New York, London, Paris or Los Angeles .The start up is in expansion so I am pretty sure more location will be added to this already not so shabby quartet. Each room comes with the amenities offered by a luxury hotel minus the downsides “like somebody bothering you at 8.53am to fold your toilet paper into a triangle” and plus all the recommendations of places to go visit, restaurants, adventures to go to from the apartment owners itself. So if you fancy to live like a “local” even if for a short while you can try that or maybe sign up to be a house host. Somebody might just fancy enough your place to make it his own home, for a few days.