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June 7, 2010

Today I am inspired by food….I have been really cautious in introducing food as a topic of conversation here on the blog but, the truth is that this blog is about me and about everything I love and let’s be truthful FOOD IS ONE OF THE THINGS I LOVE THE MOST!!
Now, I don’t understand exactly how I have been caught in this calories burn challenge at the gym which forces me to burn at least 300 calories per day not included what I burn with my usual work out, but man, this is not for me…whereas THIS (see pic above) is definitely for me, I love this wonderful little plate of pasta, it looks adorable, it reminds me of home (I am Italian don’t forget…) and shows how food, apart from being one of the greatest pleasure in life, can be also very stylish…so I look forward to share some more recipes with you, in the meantime enjoy this one, courtesy of Jamie Oliver awesome website.
Buon appetito!!

Picture by David Loftus via Jamie Oliver

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