About labels and boxes

June 4, 2010


Radiohead – Creep [1993]

Yesterday hasn’t been a easy day for me…I had an argument with two old friends via Facebook which ultimately resulted in me being “unfriended” from one of them and this just because I expressed my opinion on a matter which I cared about, and the opinion was obviously a little uncomfortable for this person. This made me sad, very sad because it was the proof of how much we are still affected by our prejudice and how much we would like people to stay in the boxes we have prepared for them, with the labels created by our own minds just because it is much easier that way, it is much more convenient to see somebody in a certain way and don’t even bother to know how much she or he has changed or not changed in the last few years we have been apart. But then I noticed something else that made me happy instead. I went out yesterday night and while I was walking I was thinking about how much I changed only in the last few weeks.I noticed how much I didn’t have any second thoughts about expressing my opinions and put it out there, even if it wasn’t exactly what other people expected. If this had happened only a few months  ago, I would have start floating in the air, pulled by my own insecurities, uncertain, weak, defeated but other people’s attacks.All the ingredients were there yesterday to make me feel insecure, useless and ultimately depressed, but Instead, there I was, fiercely grounded to myself and to that exact point where my whole being was standing firm very aware, like the old good times, that whatever comes to my way, me will always be me and me will be there forever. It was very powerful and it made me feel safe, for the first time in a long time I felt safe, right there in my own skin.

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