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June 9, 2010

 Banco de Gaia – 10 Last Train To Lhasa

So it’s summer again (or almost…), but sadly it’s a rainy day that makes me long even more for my coming trip to Italy where I will spend part of July and all August (double yay!). I don’t know about you but for me summer means many things altogether, it’s a sort of “sacred”time which needs to be honored properly. First of all I was born in the summer , some of my best memories are from various summers of my life, to me summer is a season of magic,  sun, sea, beaches, afternoon naps and colorful jewelry …so to light up this gray morning I found these super cute pieces from Savannah made in Africa from various recycled materials (fabric, glass beads)  by local artists. Today I especially like this fabric necklace and the glass beads bangles.

 …and this gorgeous pieces from the Leakey Collection.

Hope they will light up your day too…

All images courtesy of Savannah-chic.com

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