Souvenirs from Japan

June 21, 2010

I left in such a hurry last Friday  that I forgot to update you my friends about my 5 days trip to Japan…It was lovely and for somebody grown up with Japanese manga it was also quite a milestone. After so many years in Asia I considered it a shame not having visited this wonderful country yet, but the truth is that I had always been quite broke as a student to afford any trip there so I continued to put it off even if the reality is probably that I haven’t had the right opportunity to go. This was definitely the right time, me and my little family we wandered the streets of Tokyo and Kyoto, tried every possible food we could try in five days from the little ramen canteens to the smoky yakitori alleys to the finest authentic old Japan restaurants…it was lovely and dreamy and I was enchanted by the grace and kindness of the people their traditions still so alive and their culture, it was just… perfect. Here is a little souvenir from  this lovely trip, and you… Have a lovely day!

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